Managing Your Business

in Times of

Great Uncertainty

Managing a business – not just to survive but to thrive as well – has never been more challenging.

This website is dedicated to helping executives, managers, and entrepreneurs achieve success despite the enormous challenges.

Managing Uncertainty Blog

This sharply-focused blog is aimed at building a solid base of practical information on managing a business during fast-changing conditions and great uncertainty.

We are all working in a very different world that will never return to “normal” but will evolve into something new for which most past practices will be ill-suited.

Effective new management practices will be those  developed by trial, assessment, and adaptation. Learning by doing. Innovation will be critical.

The blog will try to touch on every important practice that readers might find of value.

Managing in the world as it is
Organizational agility

Tools & Examples

Managing in uncertain, unpredictable times requires a much different set of tools and approaches. What worked in past will not work in what we face now.

These tools and approaches unfortunately have not yet been developed and tested. It is far from clear what we need and what may work effectively.

To help you get a start on tools that might be of value to you, this section offers some simple tools as well as several examples of how they might be used.

These are offered free to readers in the hope that improvements may be shared as well.

Situation tracking
Scenario development

Business Coaching

For site users who may be interested in specific help with their situation and challenges, business coaching services are available at a modest cost.

These services are fully online, as so much else today, but with the important goal of providing valuable coaching process narratives. 

As explained in detail in my short book Executive Coaching Insights (Amazon Kindle), process narratives can greatly enhance the coaching effectiveness.

You will be able to take advantage of my extensive and varied experience. 

Fully online coaching
Process narratives